The scientific laboratory was founded in 1985. From the moment of foundation till present time the laboratory has studied the causes of alcoholism and other addictions in the adolescent population. The studies were done by using anonym ous questionnaires in schools, lyceums in three cites of the Republic of Moldova: Chișinău, Bălţi and Cahul. In the first 5 years the attention was focused on the causes of consume initiation of psychoactive substances (PAS). It was used a questionnaire for collecting the data about consuming PAS, proposed by the Swedish Union for alcohol and drug issues for the Scholar European Project for study the alcohol and drugs ESPAD, adjusted to the study in the Republic of Moldova. During the last years by questioning, the causes and available factors of consume initiation of alcohol by children and adolescents, were studied.

Address: MD2011, Chişinău, Costiujeni 3 str.,

Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology

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Scientific potential: 7 scientists, including 2 PhDs and 4 MDs